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Blackmagic ATEM Control Panel – 10 Channel



  • Multi-function switchboard control panel, ideal for audio and video live broadcasting system, audio and video recording system
  • Connected to ATEM switchers by LAN, and compatible with ATEM Software Control
  • 10 channels live streaming switcher, and supports 10 channels PGM +10 channels PVW live streaming switch
  • 40 physical buttons are integrated on control panel for switching of channels and effects
  • Built-in audio adjustment function, and up to 5 channels’ audio volume can be adjusted by 5 knobs integrated on the control panel
  • Stylish appearance, anodized aluminum alloy panel, and can be adapted to various environments
  • Tally function, and supports 20 channels Tally signals (10 channels PGM +10 channels PVW) output by DB25 interface.



Simplify your access to your ATEM Switch/Software. See the connection diagram below for the ease of use. The control panel offers remote access to 5 audio sources and 10 different scenes.

Switchboard ATEM Connection Diagram

Ease of use for your ATEM Software:

This switchboard control panel is designed to work with your ATEM Switcher software. It will function over POE and drive 10 PGM&PVW channels as well as 5 Audio Channels. This device will give you flexibility and ease of use of your broadcast setup.

Switchboard Control Panel ATEM Switcher
Switchboard Blackmagic ATEM Audio Control

Main Features:

Important Notices:

  • We sell only the switchboard control panel
  • We do not provide BlackMagic ATEM Switcher Equipment or Software, you will need to buy the proper related product separately if needed
  • This product only provides quick operation for BlackMagic ATEM switchers but cannot implement functions that the switchers do not already have
  • Please refer to the ATEM software manuals that can be downloaded from BlackMagic’s website to help understand the application of this switchboard control panel
  • Special order will take about 2 weeks for delivery

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