Authorized Sellers and Distributors of Jimcom USA products

Authorized Distributors and Resellers of Jimcom USA products

Jimcom USA has several authorized distributors and on-line sites to purchase our products. Your product will only be supported under our limited warranty if you purchase the product from one of our authorized distributors or sellers.

Be sure to use one of the provided sources below to get the Jimcom USA Limited Warranty coverage for your product. Please note, on marketplace sites such as Amazon and NewEgg, only the listed seller is authorized. Your receipt needs to reflect the proper sellers name.

Please contact Sales if you would like to become an authorized Distributor or Reseller of Jimcom USA products.


Authorized Reseller (USA)

Jimcom/Jimcom USA

Jimcom USA (link)

Jimcom USA (link) (Canada)

Jimcom USA (link)

Mazecreator (link) (USA)

Jimcom USA

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    My camera doesn’t show up on my network what dl I do

      Make sure your computer is on the same network as the camera. If this is the NDI 20X PTZ camera the default network is, its default IP address is

      NDI will not show across these subnets so the camera needs to be moved to your PC subnet or the PC needs to be moved to the Cameras.

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