Authorized Sellers and Distributors of Jimcom USA products

Authorize Distributor & Resellers of Jimcom Products

Authorized Distributors and Resellers of Jimcom USA products

Jimcom USA has several authorized distributors and on-line sites to purchase our products. Your product will only be supported under our limited warranty if you purchase the product from one of our authorized distributors or sellers.

Be sure to use one of the provided sources below to get the Jimcom USA Limited Warranty coverage for your product. Please note, on marketplace sites such as Amazon and NewEgg, only the listed seller is authorized. Your receipt needs to reflect the proper sellers name.

Please contact Sales if you would like to become an authorized Distributor or Reseller of Jimcom USA products.

Control PTZ Camera within OBS

Add PTZ Controls Dock To OBS Studio | PTZ Control for OBS | Great PTZ Hack

Add PTZ Controls Dock into OBS Studio | PTZ Control for OBS | Great PTZ Hack

Add PTZ Controls Dock To OBS Studio! In this short video, we will cover how to add PTZ Controls Dock to your OBS Studio set up. The PTZ Controls Dock will support any number of cameras and allows setting and recalling of presets as well as manual control of the PTZ features of your Jimcom PTZ Camera.

This plugin uses VISCA-over-IP to control the camera connected to your local area network. A serial cable is also supported but not covered in this video.

Tip URL to all of OBS Studio’s Resources:

The PTZ Controls Plugin:

The PTZ Controls Download Link:

Remember that your Jimcom PTZ 20X optical zoom camera will use Port 1259 for VISCA-over-IP, please make sure you use this port value during set up.

UPDATE: If you have recent Firmware update for the NDI PTZ Camera, please use the recommended UDP Port 52381 during set up.

The Camera used in this video was the Jimcom NDI PTZ 20X Optical Zoom Camera:

Jimcom USA TRAINING VIDEO - Initial Configuration

NDI PTZ Camera Initial Configuration – Jimcom PTZ Cameras Training

NDI PTZ Camera Initial Configuration - Jimcom PTZ Cameras Training

Play Video

Video Index

0:00 Introduction
0:47 Before You Get started
3:11 Find your local IP and Network Address
4:10 Configuration with PC DHCP IP Address
7:11 Configuration with PC Static IP Address
10:11 Outro


This training is provided for customers of Jimcom NDI PTZ Cameras to set-up their cameras with their initial configuration. This is a beginner’s guide to will help town meeting, town council, selectmen meeting, churches, events, broadcast centers, educational webinar, business webinar, and other live streaming / recording studios up and running quickly.

This video covers initial setup of the following NDI|HX PTZ Cameras from

NDI is recommended for new installations and for future growth. It offers some significant advantages which can be reviewed here.

Important NDI PTZ Camera Firmware Update

Important NDI PTZ Camera Firmware Update

NDI Freezing

Jimcom has released a new firmware update for the NDI PTZ Camera models. This update helps to stabilize the NDI Stream between the camera and your end application with updated NDI software libraries.


You may experience Freezing of the video stream or the inability to connect to the web interface of your camera. If this occurs, restart your camera by cycling the power and update the firmware through the web interface.

The latest version of the firmware can be found in this post. Make sure you select the JUNE2021 version or later. 

Important JUNE2021 Firmware Update for NDI PTZ Cameras
Jimcom Camera and Features


Jimcom NDI PTZ Camera

Newest NDI PTZ Camera Firmware

Download Firmware:

(JC-NDI20P-x JUNE2021) <- Eliminates FLASH as Video Preview in Web Interface


NOTE: After installing the first firmware update, you need to clear the cache of your browser or use a new In-Private type of mode to properly see the web interface to implement the 2nd firmware update.

Archived Camera Firmware

Older Firmware (Please use version above unless directed by Support):

(JC-NDI20P-x JAN2021) <- Eliminates FLASH as Video Preview in Web Interfac

Flash Death - RIP

Adobe Flash is at End of Life and not longer supported by most browsers

Adobe Flash is at End of Life and not longer supported by most browsers

For many of the Jimcom cameras with internal Webserver, you will need to update the Firmware to use the web based viewer for the camera.

  • Download the firmware below
  • Unzip the contents of the file
  • Follow the instructions in: Jimcom NDI PTZ Camera Upgrade.txt

Please make sure you follow the instructions in order to avoid issues with your camera after the upgrade.

See this post for firmware file download for the 20x NDI PTZ Camera.