Download the latest version of the Windows Installer v0.2.0


This is a portable Windows x64 PC version of OBS Studio packaged with PTZ and other great features for quick start as recommended by Jimcom USA. There will be numerous plug-ins added to this portable version of OBS Studio, each plug-in may have a different license agreement. We will post that in the table below when known. Jimcom USA is providing this compilation of plug-ins to help users with/without Jimcom PTZ cameras to get started faster with their product. The “main” branch will contain the merge of all the products/files as a staging for the Portable implementation of OBS Studio with the supplied features.

This installer is for anybody with the follow use:

  • One or more Portable Version of OBS Studio
  • PTZ Cameras
  • NDI based cameras
  • Professional Broadcasts
  • Content Recording

For support with this install or after completing this install, go to the Jimcom USA OBS Studio Portable PTZ page or directly to the Discord Server. OBS Studio or the Plug-In communities cannot help you with any issues with this installation utility.

Table of included components / Licenses

ProductVer License Comments
OBS Studio27.2.4GPL-2.0Main OBS Studio PC Executable
PTZ Controlsv0.10.4GPL-2.0VISCA PTZ Controller Plug-In – Grant Likely
OBS-NDI4.9.1GPL-2.0NDI PlugIn – Requires NDI Tools from
OBS-WEBSOCKET4.9.1GPL-2.0To allow for remote control of OBS
Background Removalv0.4.0MITThis plugin makes it easy to replace the background in portrait images and video to create a virtual green screen.
StreamFX0.11.1b1GPL-2.0StreamFX adds many new effects, filters, sources, transitions and encoders – all for free! More Actions for some Features, NVIDIA GreenScreen, Auto-Framing, Etc – Xaymar
Animated Lower ThirdsV.1.6MITWith this tool you can use a control panel to add and change your own lower thirds on the fly. Configure 
Live Vision KitV 1.1.1GPL-3.0Features include real-time video stabilization, adaptive de-blocking, lens correction, image enhancement and more! Please note that you need a powerful OpenCL capable graphics card to use the video filters. Check out the set up guide for more information.
Face Tracker0.5.4GPL-2.0Experimental Face Tracking with PTZ control – Kamae Norihiro

System Requirements