Affiliate Program - Jimcom USA

Jimcom USA is offering its Affiliate program to help Influencers and VLOGGERS around the world to help monetize their content. The program is not limited to just live streaming or content providers as websites focusing upon products, tools, and techniques of livestreaming, broadcasting, and/or professional recording.

We have provided a tiered Affiliate Level program, where affiliates will automatically move to the next tier once they make a certain number of sales or sales volume. The commissions have been provided to be a major advantage to the affiliate marketer vs other affiliate programs for high end technology. Jimcom USA is proud to offer broadcast quality PTZ Cameras and other streaming technology including Network Device Interface (NDI) technology to our customers. We are a group of streaming professionals looking to help solve streaming professionals problems.

We offer a 90 days referral time due to the sometime longer process of completing a sale with a business for high end equipment. At the Silver and up Affiliate Tiers, a lifetime commission can be earned on these same referrals. The following is a summary of the for Affiliate Tier; Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Commissions will be based upon total sale price before shipping and taxes if applicable.

Jimcom USA will work with you to create a personalized coupon for your customers to help drive your sales. We may offer general coupons as well which any affiliate can use if not excluded.  We will post that information in the affiliates help pages.  These coupons will expire after a period of time, it is important you update your coupon codes as needed to not provide expired coupons to your referrals. Our goal is to update coupons no more than ever 3 months to reduce the burden upon your update of these codes. From time to time, we may offer limited time discounts for certain products which may have a must shorter life. It is at your option to distribute those codes through your advertising channels.

The tiers are set up to incentives affiliate growth:

  • Bronze: Starting Tier for new affiliates
  • Silver: Medium Sales Tier
  • Gold: Larger sales Tier
  • Platinum/Contributor: For high volume or contributors to Jimcom USA & our technology/content


Affiliate Level
Starting Tier
  • Must be accepted to program
  • 4.0% Sales Commission
  • No Lifetime Commissions
New Affiliates


Affiliate Level
Earned Upgrade
  • 10 Sales or $10,000 volume
  • 6.0% Sales Commission
  • Personalized 5% Off Coupon
  • 2% Lifetime Commission*


Affiliate Level
Earned Upgrade
  • 25 Sales or $30,000 volume
  • 7.5% Sales Commission
  • Personalized 8% Off Coupon
  • 3% Lifetime Commission*


Affiliate Level
By Invitation
  • High Volume Affiliates & Invitation Only
  • 9.0% Sales Commission
  • Personalized 10+% Off Coupon
  • 4% Lifetime Commission*

*Affiliate must remain active to maintain both Affiliate Level and Lifetime Commission from referrals

Example commissions based upon total sales by Affiliate Tier/Level

The sale commission listed will only apply to Jimcom brand PTZ cameras. Special rates will apply for 3rd party products when added to the store.

Application Processes

Please fill out the application form below to start the application process. It would be helpful if you also sent an email with details of how you plan to promote Jimcom USA product. This should include the type of promotion; email, website, VLOG, etc. Also, if you feel you should be started at a higher tier, please describe which tier and why you feel this should be considered? Affiliates with significant number of subscribed will likely be considered for higher tiers depending upon their promotional strategy.


In the application form, if you don’t have a website due to being a YouTube content publisher, please provide your most appropriate YouTube Channel.  This goes for other social media platforms as well.


Our review may take a few days to complete, keep an eye on your email as we may contact you for additional information prior to making a decision about your affiliate status.

Apply as a Jimcom USA Affiliate