OBS Sound & Audio set-up with Microphone and audio sources

Ultimate Microphone Guide for OBS Studio

OBS Microphone/Audio Setup

Ultimate Microphone Guide – Want to get the help of an Audio expert to get the perfect sound on your live stream with OBS Studio?

Try this video and setup your audio sound like it was setup by a Pro Audio Engineer. This is a simple set of instructions to get awesome audio from your free OBS set-up.

This professional sound is achieved by up to 5 OBS built in audio filters. The default settings are all that are needed with the exception of the “GAIN”.  They should be placed in this order:

  1. Noise Gate (Optional)
  2. Noise Suppression
  3. Compressor
  4. Gain (need to tweak to maximize audio level)
  5. Limiter


This Video is Critical for your audio quality.