RTSP Set-up for OBS Studio

RTSP Set-up

How to add your Jimcom IP / NDI Camera to OBS as a RTSP stream?

Within the Camera’s Web Interface, select:
Configuration -> Video Configure -> Video Encode

Configure the Main/Sub Stream the way you wish. Then note the “Stream Name” at the bottom, default is “live/av0” & “live/av1” respectively.

In OBS, select the scene you wish to add the RTSP source. Click the “+” in sources and Add a “Media Source“. Give the source a good name and click “OK“.

Add Media Source - OBS

Unselect “Local File” so “Input” shows. Enter the rtsp url in the following format:

In this example, the Main Stream is selected:


You should check “Use hardware decode when available” if you have a GPU in the PC, always safer to check this for performance.

Select “OK” and the source will be added to your scene.

Jimcom Video Encoding Configuration
Jimcom OBS Add Media Source RTSP Setting

Thats a RTSP Stream source.

OBS Sound & Audio set-up with Microphone and audio sources

Ultimate Microphone Guide for OBS Studio

OBS Microphone/Audio Setup

Ultimate Microphone Guide – Want to get the help of an Audio expert to get the perfect sound on your live stream with OBS Studio?

Try this video and setup your audio sound like it was setup by a Pro Audio Engineer. This is a simple set of instructions to get awesome audio from your free OBS set-up.

This professional sound is achieved by up to 5 OBS built in audio filters. The default settings are all that are needed with the exception of the “GAIN”.  They should be placed in this order:

  1. Noise Gate (Optional)
  2. Noise Suppression
  3. Compressor
  4. Gain (need to tweak to maximize audio level)
  5. Limiter


This Video is Critical for your audio quality.

Important NDI PTZ Camera Firmware Update

Important NDI PTZ Camera Firmware Update

NDI Freezing

Jimcom has released a new firmware update for the NDI PTZ Camera models. This update helps to stabilize the NDI Stream between the camera and your end application with updated NDI software libraries.


You may experience Freezing of the video stream or the inability to connect to the web interface of your camera. If this occurs, restart your camera by cycling the power and update the firmware through the web interface.

The latest version of the firmware can be found in this post. Make sure you select the JUNE2021 version or later. 

Important JUNE2021 Firmware Update for NDI PTZ Cameras

Get started with OBS Studio

Get Started with OBS Studio

OBS Studio is the leading Open Source and Free Video Broadcasting software Packages. Use OBS with your Jimcom IP or NDI PTZ Cameras to get the most of your investment for your House of Worship, eSports, DJ & Music Production, or business broadcast.

A tool like this can easily get your local Town Government / Selectmen streaming to the town, Church streaming to its parishioners, eSports events out to fans, produce your next music video, or create a business video for market your product and services.

OBS Studio allows broadcasters to create scenes with multiple inputs on the same screen allowing picture-in-picture. This tool will help create professional broadcasts and bring in multiple guests/videos via different sources. There are move advanced features that can be enabled such as being able to change your video source order, rotate them, or even add filters.

With the addition of Plug-Ins, the main program can be extended beyond the base product. Jimcom USA recommends you add the NDI plugin to connect your cameras via a low latency for your broadcast. The OBS Studio 27 release has new feature such as Undo/Redo, Improved Display Capture for Laptops, Missing Files Dialog, Source Visibility Transitions, and many more improvements. This project is community support and new features and add-ons are being created all the time.

This tool can even be run as a Portable Application. This enables having OBS on a thumb drive and able to get started on almost any PC with no installation. It also facilitates multiple “versions” of OBS with different plugins and configurations if your site needs different styles for different equipment, etc.

Why NDI Summary

5 major reasons to use a NDI PTZ Camera | Why NDI | NDI PTZ Streaming Cameras

5 Major Reasons to use a NDI PTZ Camera

Why NDI? Why use NDI PTZ Streaming Cameras?

This video will help you understand why selection of #NDI capable PTZ Cameras are good for your facility/church. The cost of the NDI upgrade needs some explanation as to the value for your organization. Why should you consider choosing a PTZ camera that supports the NDI protocol?

There are 5 major reasons to consider using the NDI protocol within your facility:

1) NDI Cameras are discoverable to simplify installation.

2) They provide a Professional Broadcast Quality for both streaming and recording.

3) NDI is the newest video standard.

4) For new installs, NDI would use Cat-5 or Cat-6 cabling so the cameras don’t require any special cabling and they are easy to move to a new location.

5) They have a low latency and are easier to sync a separate audio channel with the cameras video feeds.

Jimcom Camera and Features


Jimcom NDI PTZ Camera

Newest NDI PTZ Camera Firmware

Download Firmware:

(JC-NDI20P-x JUNE2021) <- Eliminates FLASH as Video Preview in Web Interface


NOTE: After installing the first firmware update, you need to clear the cache of your browser or use a new In-Private type of mode to properly see the web interface to implement the 2nd firmware update.

Archived Camera Firmware

Older Firmware (Please use version above unless directed by Support):

(JC-NDI20P-x JAN2021) <- Eliminates FLASH as Video Preview in Web Interfac

Flash Death - RIP

Adobe Flash is at End of Life and not longer supported by most browsers

Adobe Flash is at End of Life and not longer supported by most browsers

For many of the Jimcom cameras with internal Webserver, you will need to update the Firmware to use the web based viewer for the camera.

  • Download the firmware below
  • Unzip the contents of the file
  • Follow the instructions in: Jimcom NDI PTZ Camera Upgrade.txt

Please make sure you follow the instructions in order to avoid issues with your camera after the upgrade.

See this post for firmware file download for the 20x NDI PTZ Camera.