NDI Touch Broadcast Switcher Screen

New Product! NDI Touch Broadcast Switcher

NDI Touch Broadcast Switcher - NEW PRODUCT!

The worlds first NDI Touch based Video Broadcast Switcher. Check out this video to see it in action.

Power with build in NDI Technology

This 8 Channel Broadcast Switcher will make a great tool for your content generation. It will integrate 8 sources with the ability to directly output an RTMP or NDI stream.

The flexibility of using an NDI output stream will allow the use of sub-producers where a master broadcast center can be used to select multiple inputs and select the final published content.

This unit is packed full of features, be sure to watch the video to see how slick and power this unit will be for your organization.

Control PTZ Camera within OBS

Add PTZ Controls Dock To OBS Studio | PTZ Control for OBS | Great PTZ Hack

Add PTZ Controls Dock into OBS Studio | PTZ Control for OBS | Great PTZ Hack

Add PTZ Controls Dock To OBS Studio! In this short video, we will cover how to add PTZ Controls Dock to your OBS Studio set up. The PTZ Controls Dock will support any number of cameras and allows setting and recalling of presets as well as manual control of the PTZ features of your Jimcom PTZ Camera.

This plugin uses VISCA-over-IP to control the camera connected to your local area network. A serial cable is also supported but not covered in this video.

Tip URL to all of OBS Studio’s Resources:

The PTZ Controls Plugin:

The PTZ Controls Download Link:

Remember that your Jimcom PTZ 20X optical zoom camera will use Port 1259 for VISCA-over-IP, please make sure you use this port value during set up.

UPDATE: If you have recent Firmware update for the NDI PTZ Camera, please use the recommended UDP Port 52381 during set up.

The Camera used in this video was the Jimcom NDI PTZ 20X Optical Zoom Camera: